Winter Photography

I had the opportunity to take a few photos during today’s little winter blast here in Findlay. It was interesting to see how I could capture that active snowfall,  I attempted several different shutter speeds and came up with a few acceptable shots, enjoy!

The Snow Tree

The Snow Tree


The Bridge to Winter

Channel Images Converter for Expression Engine

I am a pretty big proponent for many of DevDemon’s addons. But without a doubt, Channel Images is at the top of the list. The ease of use for me as the developer and the for the client is immeasurable and well worth the cost of the addon.

As fantastic as the plugin is, there are a few downfalls, Like trying to get data into Channel Forms. The one that faced me this week was bulk importing images to the Channel Images field.  As of this post, this is not a default functionality in Channel Images or any of the importer plugins available.

After some research I was able to find a plugin that Yuri Salimovskiy of IntoEEtive posted in replies on a forum that would take native File field attachments and import them into Channel Images. So I quickly downloaded the plugin, backed up my database, then ran the plugin.  I activated the “Channel Images Converter” and I crossed my fingers.

Unfortunately it didn’t work 🙁

I shot a quick message over to Yuri to see if there was an updated version available, however there wasn’t, but he did give me a few pointers and a few messages later I was able to update the addon to be compatible with ExpressionEngine 2.9.2.

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Semantic-UI: The Best of Both Worlds

Starting a new project is fun, starting a new project with the best/new technology available is even more exciting.  There are many popular UI/Responsive frameworks available. The top two at this this time are Twitter’s Bootstrap and Zurb’s Foundation. Each of these frameworks are on multiple revisions and are used heavily on the web.


I have used bootstrap for quite a few projects, it’s a great framework with a HUGE community.  Bootstrap does a phenomenal job of including as many ui elements styled to match seamlessly with each other and themes abound all over the web. The way bootstrap handles it’s grid system is familiar and easy, but I am not a fan of how it handles the responsive resizing of grids and elements. Bootstraps approach to responsive columns is to add media queries to handle smaller screen sizes. While this works, and most people won’t notice, it does add additional overhead and load for mobile devices.

Another factor for me looking into another alternative to bootstrap is the fact that bootstrap sites look and behave like bootstrap. 95% of the site that use bootstrap are easily identifiable as bootstrap.  Check out the bootstrap sponsored expo gallery to see what I mean.


Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying anything negative about the above sites. These sites all have good design, and they are well done.

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One Campaign is a capital campaign site designed for Savannah Christian Church. We desired to encourage some exploration to view not only details about the campaign, but the driving force behind it of people and their stories.  The end goal of the site is to be a hub for information by using the visuals captured for print and video pieces and posting news updates on the projects.

The Fine Details

That part of any project is attention to the details. The small quirks and often overlooked items really helps the project to stand out. While I won’t hit all the small things, I wanted to touch on a few.

Full Screen Video

One of the first things you will probably notice if you visit the site is the use of a full screen video on the homepage. Now normally I cringe at any auto play videos, but because the feeling was achieved without any audio, out team felt it was an appropriate way to use the footage.


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How Many Pages on Your Site?

A standard way to search google for pages within a specific site is to enter ‘’ into a google as search parameter. This will return only results from the site you specified. Omitting any additional search terms will return all pages of the site as your result. In theory this should give you an idea of how many pages google has indexed on your site.

Wait, how many pages?

How Many Pages?

Achk, spit – your kidding me, 47,400 results!

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