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One Campaign is a capital campaign site designed for Savannah Christian Church. We desired to encourage some exploration to view not only details about the campaign, but the driving force behind it of people and their stories.  The end goal of the site is to be a hub for information by using the visuals captured for print and video pieces and posting news updates on the projects.

The Fine Details

That part of any project is attention to the details. The small quirks and often overlooked items really helps the project to stand out. While I won’t hit all the small things, I wanted to touch on a few.

Full Screen Video

One of the first things you will probably notice if you visit the site is the use of a full screen video on the homepage. Now normally I cringe at any auto play videos, but because the feeling was achieved without any audio, out team felt it was an appropriate way to use the footage.


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How Many Pages on Your Site?

A standard way to search google for pages within a specific site is to enter ‘’ into a google as search parameter. This will return only results from the site you specified. Omitting any additional search terms will return all pages of the site as your result. In theory this should give you an idea of how many pages google has indexed on your site.

Wait, how many pages?

How Many Pages?

Achk, spit – your kidding me, 47,400 results!

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Theme’s, Memes & Purpose.

Just a quick intro to the purpose of this sites existence, and why I am even taking the time.

As a developer who does not work within a larger team, I find it difficult to keep my thoughts and reasoning on track during a project. I frequently ask myself why I did things when I know at the time I had made that decision for a purpose.

My intent is for this site to be a diary of clarity when developing so that I may refer to it in the future as well as share resolutions to issues I was forced to figure out on my own.  I also feel much of my research could be used by other Web Developers, specifically among Church Web Developers who have different hurdles to deal with beyond technology.

Currently I plan for most of the content to be focused on Expression Engine, HTML/CSS/JS, and responsive techniques, but I am not limiting it if I find something else important to say.

Enjoy the ride, I hope this time next year I will be able to look back at this post knowing I accomplished my original goal.