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TeamworkPM Content Workflow

Content is a large portion of a website initial deployment and continuous updates are critical to great SEO, ensuring a solid workflow that our team can follow – helps us expedite the process and keeps everyone involved more efficient.  

TeamworkPM is a fantastic tool for teams, staying organized and tracking the time it takes to do work for clients is critical in pricing services to ensure you are making money and not losing it. The list below identifies a few of the hurdles this workflow has helped us overcome.

  1. We know exactly what stage every piece of content is in based off of the status, and due dates.
  2. We are able to accurately log all time spent on a single piece of content.
  3. It works for all content types such as an eBook or Infographic, that may require multiple skill sets to create.
  4. It maintains a single thread of the status comments and total time spent.
  5. We do not have update more static documents like, attachments, or notebooks which are easy to get out of version or neglected.

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